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- Tia Lewis
Credit influences many things that affect our daily lives, including our home and job and most importantly getting a loan.

American Home Lending understands having good credit in today’s economy is not an easy task, and even with good credit score it still can be difficult obtaining a loan. American Home Lending assembled expert credit techniques along with knowledgeable support staff, and credible credit attorneys to assist with any incorrect information on your credit report that may be affecting your score. Our goal is to make sure our clients receive the optimal level of funding. For clients with challenged credit, we offer credit enhancement services which involve various strategies such as:

• Unauthorized Negative Credit Deletions
• Inquiry Removal
• Primary & Authorized User Tradelines
• Establishing New Credit
• Debt Settlements
• Legal Secondary Credit Profiles
• IRS Settlements
• Rapid Rescoring

With these elite tools and methods we guarantee our clients maximum results to reach their financial goals. American Home Lending stands behind integrity therefore we ensure all of our credit enhancement services are 100% legal and ethical and most importantly they are back with a 100% guarantee for your security.

Please contact one of our credit specialists for details.



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